Union of National Business Rating has completed national financial and economic analysis of activity of the enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2014-2015, the results

1 april 2016

As a result of the ranking, which is based on the information payment of taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget in the competence of the tax authorities, LLP «KZF Service» received:

Gold rating among the enterprises of Kazakhstan in nomination "The total amount of tax";

Gold rating among the enterprises of Almaty in the nomination "Total Amount of Taxes".

The companies and the enterprises which have achieved good results are given the status "the LEADER of BRANCH" which shows to other players of the market, clients and investors reliability and prospects of the Company.

Also KZF Service LLP was included into TOP 100 leading enterprises of Almaty for nation-wide financial and economic ranging of the enterprises for criteria "The total amount of taxes".

KZF Service LLP is invited to the XXXIII Awards ceremony of leaders of economy of member countries of the Union National Business of the Rating which will take place in Almaty on August 26, 2016 with participation of the enterprises from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine

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