About company

KZF Service LLP since February, 2010 has been carrying out its activities in the supply, lease and maintenance of special equipment, cars and equipment. For this period of time the Company has accumulated experience in the sphere of transport and logistics, has proved as the reliable and conscientious partner. Having high production and personnel potential, the Company follows the basic course directed to creation of competitiveness of services and the maximum full satisfaction of needs of Clients.

The management of the KZF Service LLP assumes the obligation o carry out the activity, proceeding from the maximum satisfaction of needs of Customers on the basis of continuous improvement of indicators in the field of labor quality and safety of work, to seek for effective functioning, improvement and increase in effectiveness of the Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO ISO 9001: 2015.

Company's mission:

  •  ensuring the maximum benefits for the Republic of Kazakhstan from participation in development of the national sphere of logistics;
  • increase in long-term cost of the Company, increase in profitability, production safety;
  • formation as transport company competitive in the international market;
  • socially responsible business, support of domestic suppliers of goods, works and services, development of local shots.

The Company's strategy:

  • to keep existing and to master the new market of services;
  • to develop and bring types of service necessary for the consumer to the market

to keep labor collective, to maintain the favorable psychological climate promoting timely identification of problems and their effective decision

Main goal of the Company:

Ensuring the satisfaction of customers and achieving high quality of the work performed with the delivery and maintenance of machinery and equipment, obtaining sustainable profits for the further development of the company and improving the welfare of the team.

To implement the Policy, management defined the main directions and principles:

  • Constant meeting requirements of Customers, timely and high-quality performance of work.
  • Meeting the requirements and continuously improving the QMS performance based on ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Implementation of activity of the company according to the legislative and other standard requirements existing in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Leadership of the top management of the organization in ensuring unity of policy in the field of quality, in creation of the internal environment for involvement of all workers in achievement of goals.
  • Regular increase of the responsibility and competence of the personnel, required for high-quality and safe performance of works, maintenance of machinery and equipment in good condition.
  • Providing medical care, medical examination and monitoring of the health of workers; medical insurance; insurance against accidents.
  • Provision of necessary working conditions for personnel, provision of overalls and personal protective equipment, accommodation and food at the work site.
  • Encouragement of workers for qualitative and timely execution of works without accidents and violations of safety of work.

The management of KZF Service LLP takes the responsibility for granting the means and resources providing realization of this Policy in the field of Quality at all levels of the Company.